Environmental site investigations and environmental remediation can be expensive. That is the principal reason that peer review/second opinions have become commonplace in the environmental industry. Tewhey Associates is a small, specialized hydrogeologic and environmental consulting firm. Our technical staff consists of three senior hydrogeologists/geochemists. Collectively, we have over 50 years of experience in the field of environmental consulting. We also have one young Internet expert who can weave her way through the WWW with the best of them. She enables us to have unlimited technical resources at our fingertips.

Peer review of technical documents and the development of second opinions concerning remedial action has been a major segment of our business over the past ten years. Each peer review conducted at Tewhey Associates involves the participation of all of our staff and resources and the review and opinion represents the collective ideas and experience of the whole staff. Our office work environment - a big room containing a one big work table - is conducive to free interaction and discussion. We pride ourselves in making our peer review documents clear, succinct, and easy to read. We use charts, lists, graphs and figures whenever we can to make the documents more user-friendly and increase understanding of technical matters. Two brief examples of our peer review experience are provided below.

  • Groundwater Modeling in Support of Remediation at a Maine Site.
    Tewhey Associates reviewed a groundwater modeling effort that was designed to support the development of remedial action at an industrial site. Our review found that monitoring well data had been improperly applied to the model, resulting in misinterpretation of the groundwater flow regime. The groundwater model and the associated remedial action option had met resistance at the regulatory agency. As a result of the peer review, there was proper application of field data to the model, which resulted in a revised picture of the flow regime and acceptance of the model and the remedial plan by the agency.

  • Remedial Action at a Petroleum/Solvent Spill Site.
    Petroleum residues and solvents had accumulated over time in a holding pit at a tank cleaning facility. The petroleum/solvent mixture had entered the groundwater regime and a $250,000 recovery trench and been proposed to capture and treat groundwater downgradient from the spill site. A peer review of the site data showed that a leaky sewer line immediately downgradient of the holding pit was capturing contaminated groundwater. The levels of VOCs in groundwater that entered the sewer line did not exceed POTW criteria, therefore, the discharge to the sewer was allowed. The presence of the sewer eliminated the need for the recovery trench. The $250,000 cost of the recovery trench was saved as a result of the peer review.

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