Understanding the geology, hydrogeology, and the distribution of chemicals at a facility is the foundation for judging whether chemicals at the facility pose a risk, whether risk can be reduced or eliminated through remediation, and what are the most efficient and cost-effective remedial techniques. Tewhey Associates has the expertise to understand and evaluate geologic and geochemical conditions and the experience to select and design the most practical and efficient remedial technique for a site. For nearly ten years, Tewhey Associates has worked with clients and regulators to craft remediation plans which meet regulatory goals and are practical and cost effective.

  • Soil Remediation:
    Tewhey Associates has conducted remediation projects of soil containing a wide variety of compounds including all grades of petroleum, chlorinated solvents, and heavy hydrocarbons such as polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons. Many of the projects have included on-site bioremediation or stabilization. Soil treatment volumes have ranged from a few tons to thousands of tons. We also have on-site field testing capabilites to efficently manage soil remediation projects.

  • Groundwater Remediation:
    Tewhey Associates is currently conducting several groundwater remediation projects to control subsurface migration of petroleum and chlorinated solvents. The projects include remediation at a former electronics manufacturing site in order to protect water quailty at a municipal well and a clean up of a former gasoline service station in order to protect private wells nearby. System flow rates range from less than 5 gallons per minute to more than 50 gallons per minute. Treatment methods include air stripping and carbon treatment systems. Treated water discharge has included on-site reinjection, surface water discharge (NPDES) and discharge to municipal sewer systems.

  • Other Remediation Techniques:
    Tewhey Associates has experience with a wide variety of other remediation techniques. These include soil and waste covers, free product removal, and the use of impermeable barriers or collection trenches.

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