Over the past nine years, Tewhey Associates has had continuing positive interactions with local, state, and federal environmental regulatory agencies. We believe that positive interactions with the regulatory agencies serve the best interests of our clients, and comes as a result of three factors to which we ascribe. They are: (1) maintain a through and up-to-date knowledge of the environmental and ancillary regulations; (2) make every effort to maintain a relationship of mutual trust and respect with regulatory agency personnel; and (3) develop a pattern of proactive communication and follow-up with the agencies in order to promote timely decision-making and progress toward completion and/or closure.

  • Environmental Assessment and Cleanup at 29 Petroleum Facilities in Maine.
    Tewhey Associates is directing the investigation and remediation of 29 petroleum-contaminated sites consisting of 22 services stations and 7 bulk storage plants throughout Maine. At the bulk storage facilities, 28 riveted and/or welded vertical tanks were dismantled by a contractor and removed from the sites prior to site characterization and cleanup. The work was undertaken for a large New England bank for the purpose of obtaining letters of compliance and release from the Maine DEP prior to sale of the individual properties through auctions. Exploration methods at the sites included soil vapor screening; test pitting; hollow-stem auger and cased borings in soil; conventional monitoring well installation; and driving of small-diameter wells. Remedial actions included UST removals; soil excavation for landfarming, venting, asphalting, or thermal treatment; insitu soil vapor extraction, and free product recovery. The two-year project involved multiple site visits by representatives of the regulatory agencies and abundant interactions as each site was evaluated and released for sale by the Maine DEP.

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