Groundwater modeling is an integrated process of understanding and predicting groundwater flow and chemical migration in groundwater. It is much more than simply running a computer code. For this reason, we plan and conduct all modeling projects in a deliberate and thorough manner.

  • We carefully evaluate the purpose of any modeling analysis with the client and, if appropriate, with the regulatory agency who will be reviewing the model.

  • We gather specific, relevant field data which is necessary to understand the groundwater flow regime.

  • We select an appropriate model to meet the goals, ranging from simple flow calculations evaluated with a calculator to complex 3-dimensional flow and transport models run on our pentium-based computer.

  • We carefully compare the modeling results to the real data to make certain that the analysis is field verified and accurately represents the real-world flow conditions.

  • We use our geologic and hydrogeologic experience to develop a broad understanding of the site, the groundwater flow regime and the geochemistry as an integral part of all modeling projects. This comprehensive approach ensures that our models are an accurate and cost-effective tool to meet the specific needs of our clients.
  • A partial list of our technical experience includes:

  • USEPA WellHead Protection Model to design multi-well groundwater remediation systems;

  • Intersat 3-D flow model to evaluate the effect of residential wells on a groundwater plume; and,

  • Modflow 3-D flow model to design a deep multi-well plume cut-off system.

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