Our principal technical work activity over the past nine years has been site investigations. The scope of over 600 site investigations conducted by Tewhey Associates has ranged from Phase 1 and Phase 2 Site Assessments for the purpose of property transfer to full RCRA Facilities Investigations (RFIs) at large manufacturing sites. Exploration techniques have included test pitting/trenching, conventional hollow-stem augers and cased borings, Geoprobe borings, Hydropunch sampling, and field immunoassay testing.
  • Plastics Manufacturer, Maine.

  • Tewhey Associates conducted a RCRA Facilities Investigation (RFI) at a plastics manufacturing plant in Maine. The work involved project planning, interactions with the regulatory personnel from the Region I USEPA and the Maine DEP, test pitting, Geoprobe explorations, conventional soil borings and installation of monitoring wells, conventional and Hydropunch groundwater sampling, field GC analysis of groundwater for VOCs, field immunoassay testing of soils for PAHs, data interpretation, and reporting. As a result of findings of the RFI, Tewhey Associates planned and implemented an interim remedial measure (IRM) consisting of soil removal at a former fire training facility on the site. At the outset, Tewhey Associates competed for the project with a large, national environmental consulting company. Tewhey Associates proposed a project cost that was 35% of the proposed costs of the large company. The work was completed on time and 20% under budget.
  • Industrial Site, Portland, Maine.

  • Tewhey Associates was retained by the owner of a regional trucking facility to review and assess environmental conditions and conduct a peer review of proposed remedial plans at the property. Former site practices included use of a disposal pit for tanker cleaning and truck washing. The peer review suggested contaminated groundwater was currently being collected by the municipal storm water system that crossed the site and that levels of VOCs in groundwater were acceptable at the POTW. The insitu groundwater remediation scheme was coupled with excavation and landfarming of the most highly contaminated soils. After extensive interaction with the MDEP, the client received approval to undertake the multi-media, multi-phase, but cost-effective remedial program. The remedial action was completed in early 1993 and limited groundwater and sewer monitoring is ongoing at the present time. The elimination of the proposed groundwater collection/treatment system saved the client approximately $250,000.

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