Tewhey Associates offers thorough and reliable capability in technical matters concerning environmental-related litigation. The senior staff of the firm have been retained by attorneys to providing technical input, prepare affidavits and to ultimately provide expert testimony on behalf of our clients. The types of technical issues covered in recent litigation cases include petroleum, PAH, PCB, and chlorinated solvent contamination, water resource encroachment, oily waste discharges, and landfills. Project summaries are provided below:

  • Chlorine Manufacturer.
    Tewhey Associates has provided technical assistance regarding a case where the past and present owners of a chlorine production plant could not resolve their proportionate responsibility for on-site contamination. The technical tasks associated with the project involved the differentiation of past and recent contamination in soils. Subjects were deposed and John Tewhey was retained as an expert. Mr. Tewhey prepared testimony on behalf of the present owner. The case was settled prior to going to trial.

  • Hazardous Waste Landfill, Rhode Island.
    John Tewhey served as an expert to attorneys with the State of Rhode Island in their preparation for an administrative hearing before a hearing officer in a case where a hazardous waste landfill had been the source of contamination to groundwater. Mr. Tewhey participated in all aspects of the three-day hearing and provided expert testimony. The landfill was closed subsequent to the hearing.

  • Solid Waste Landfill, Maine.
    John Tewhey served as an expert witness and peer technical reviewer for attorneys representing an applicant for a solid waste landfill in northern Maine. In hearings before the Maine Board of Environmental Protection, Mr. Tewhey testified on aspects of the hydrogeology and geochemistry of the proposed landfill site with a focus on potential future impacts in the event of site failure.

  • Superfund Site, Massachusetts.
    Tewhey Associates provided technical assistance to attorneys from a Boston law firm in their preparation for trial in a case where PAHs had been deposited in a landfill site on creosote-preserved wood. Tewhey Associates prepared testimony which showed that the PAHs contributed by the waste wood did not result in environmental damages to the site which would have resulted in cleanup costs.

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